A WebQuest for 3 French Honors (10thgrade)

by Mr. Franck Gréaux

Evanston TownshipHigh School

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In this project, you and a partnerwill be researching a specific topic on the world of the Maghreb and willshare what you have learned with the class. You will use hard copy materialsfrom the school libraries as well as the web sites listed below. The booksand sites have been pre-selected with your particular topic in mind. Althoughyou are not limited to these choices, you must consult with me prior toincluding any other sources to your presentation. This "validity check"is designed to avoid using some of the less reliable sources in the Internet.


The Task

At the time of your presentation, youand your partner will have gathered sufficient information to do a six(6) minutes oral presentation (in French, of course!) of your topic, illustratedby a minimum of two (2) props [audio, video, artifacts, images, demonstrations(cooking, dances), etc…]. You must be ready to answer questions in thetarget language from your audience. Note cards are allowed, however readingprepared sentences will seriously jeopardize your grade.

Topics :


Tennessee Bob's French Site lists
Megasite of over 8,000 French-related websites.Can be used by grades 6-12, college students and professionals. No infoon last update. Maintained by Bob Peckham (bobp@utm.edu), University ofTennessee-Martin. All sites are in French, some offer English versions.Includes photos, video, audio, interactive exercises, news releases, linksto other francophone sites.

Evanston Township High School Electronic Databases.Intended users are staff and students doing research. No info on last update.Maintained by the school librarians. Links to magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias,college databases, local and national libraries and museum sites. Mostlytext with some photos, video and audio.

L'Afrique Francophone Virtuelle
Last modified Tuesday, 25-Feb-1997 by Bob Peckham(bobp@utm.edu) (site support). Can be used by grades 6-12, college studentsand education and business professionals doing research. 135 links to avery wide array of aspects of Francophone Africa. All sites are in Frenchbut some offer English versions. Includes photos, video, audio, news releases,and links to other non-African sites.

Encyclopaedia of the Orient
Edited by Tore Kjeilen. (No site support) No updateinfo. A free and very detailed online encyclopedia of the Maghreb. Canbe used by grades 6-12, college students and education and business professionalsdoing beginning research. In English and French. Includes photos, video,audio, news releases, and links to other sites dedicated to the Orient.

Get Shocked with Radio Casablanca - Morocco /Maroc
Last updated: May 11, 1999. Site support: maroc.net/rc/help.htm Website of Radio Casablanca in Morocco. Intended users: any one interestedin the music of the Maghreb. Soundbank, newsdesk,"top 10", photos, movieand bookstore links. Needed: Real Audio G2 or Shockwave (mono sound). InEnglish and French. (has site support)

Collection La Voix du Maghreb
Last update: April 2, 1999.  A modest extensionof french website Budamusique with 15 Arabic audio selections. Intendedusers: any one interested in the music of the Maghreb. Soundbank, photos,and links to music stores and other world music styles. Needed: Real AudioG2 or Shockwave (mono sound). In English and French. (has site support).

Bienvenue au site Web du Matin du Sahara et duMaghreb
Support : contact@lematin.press.ma  Updateddaily.  Web site of Moroccan Newspaper "Le Matin" (in French only).Intended users: anyone interested in national and international news aboutthe Maghreb. Links to  archives, other newspapers, television stations,local and international databases. Photos and live audio (needed: RealAudio G2).

Transcript: U.S. Proposing Economic Partnershipwith Maghreb
No update information. E-mail: usisisrl@usis-israel.org.il  Website of US Information Services (based in Israel). Gathers economicnews and governmental statements in regards to the Middle East. This isan article relating to economic partnerships between the US and Tunisia,Algeria and Morocco. Intended for anyone interested in US economic foreignpolicy in the Maghreb and Middle East. Links to other US governmental agenciesand embassies of the region. Text only.

La Maison du Maroc - The House of Morocco
No update info. Extensive support. E-mail (poste@maroc.net).
A large site about life in Morocco: daily news,culture, arts, and education search engines and links to other online Moroccansites. Intended users are teachers of French, their students and anyoneinterested in the culture of the Maghreb. Includes photos, video, and audio(needed: Real Audio G2). In English and French.

La Page Web de Mr. Gréaux
Updated on 5/11/99. Support at www.quia.com andcontact via E-mail (greauxf@eths.k12.il.us) Intended for the research ofthe teacher's students.  A teacher's support page for 2 French classes.19 links to grammar, vocabulary and francophone sites.  Text only.In English and French.

Voyageons au Maroc!
No update information.  No support.  An interactive worksheet (in French) on Morocco's cultures, history andgovernment. Students navigate to different sites via hot links to gatherinformation. Intended for high school and college level students and asan activity tool by French teachers.  Links to local (Moroccan) databases(photos, and text only).

Geography & Environment - American Associationof Teachers of French
The homepage has support. Last update: April 30th,1999.  This is an extension link from the American Association ofTeachers of French. It offers maps, texts (research papers), lessons plans,websites related to francophone Africa. Text only (links have photos).Intended users: teachers of French and their students.



  1. The list of topics is distributed.
  2. Choose your team (pairs).
  3. Decide on three (3) topics in order of preferences andsign up.
  4. I assign your topic and day of presentation.
  5. In the library one of you will browse the Internet whilethe other will search their topic in the libraries' material provided.
  6. Three days before show time narrow down the contentsof your presentation and decide on each presenter's responsibilities.
  7. Be sure to include your props and rehearse yourpresentation!
  8. E-mail me if you have any questions (greauxf@eths.k12.il.us)



The following rubric will be used toassess you work. Your cooperation with your partner, your audience andmyself is an integral part of this evaluation.

Eye contact, used 2 props 1   2   3   4  5
Voice is loud and clear 1   2   3   4  5
Demonstrated complete understanding of assignment 1   2   3   4  5
Able to answer impromptu questions1   2   3   4  5
Has cards/outline 1   2   3   4  5
Knows subject (well researched)1   2   3   4  5
Good and clear pronunciation (student has clearlypracticed)1   2   3   4  5
Communication in French (no English)1   2   3   4  5
Appropriate vocabulary and grammar1   2   3   4  5
Demonstrated cooperation and shared workload1   2   3   4  5


I hope that you have learned much about historical, cultural and geo-politicalaspects of the Maghreb through your use of French and technology. Takewhat you have learned from your research and from the presentations ofthe other groups in the class and apply it to what we have learned in chapter14 of A Bord. Take the time to understand and appreciate the diversityand riches of this part of the French-speaking world.

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